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Naturally Curly Purple Passion

For 3c to 4c hair

Created with curls in mind, this detangling hairbrush is perfect for anyone with 3C to 4C hair types. 

The longer, firmer teeth are kind to curls but tough on tangles and the short teeth help to reduce the level of frizz whilst keeping the curls defined. 

Designed for use on wet hair, our innovative teeth technology can cut detangling time in half* - so wash day just got easier!

Want the perfect curl partner? Why not try our Fine Mist Spray Bottle as the accesory you need to help give your hair that extra moisture.

*Self-assessment of 102 women after 2 weeks of use

Hot tip: Keep this hairbrush away from heat!

Great for 3c to 4c hair types
Great for 3c to 4c hair types
Kind to Wet Hair
Kind to Wet Hair
Reduces Detangling Time
Reduces Detangling Time

Firm-flex teeth longer and stronger teeth eliminate knots and reduce breakage

£ 10.40
£ 10.40
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