Detangling Compact Styler
Tangle Teezer Disney Frozen CS-FR-010217 Disney Frozen 4.7 7 5 1
Detangling Compact Styler
Tangle Teezer Star Wars™ Iconic CS-SW-010217 Star Wars™ Iconic 4.9 14 5 1
Detangling Thick & Curly
Tangle Teezer Maroon Mood TC-DR-010216 Maroon Mood 4.5 75 5 1
Detangling The Original
Tangle Teezer Blueberry Pop NO-PB-011012 Blueberry Pop 4.8 27 5 1
Blow-Styling Round Tool
Tangle Teezer Round Tool Large BS-LR-DP-010916 Round Tool Large 4.5 22 5 1
Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool
Tangle Teezer Smoothing Tool Full Size BS-FP-DP-010316 Smoothing Tool Full Size 4.3 32 5 1
Finishing The Ultimate
Tangle Teezer The Ultimate Pink TU-PP-010816 The Ultimate Pink 4.4 42 5 1



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Tangle Teezer
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