How to Use A Wide Tooth Comb

It’s an exciting time at Tangle Teezer because we’ve launched something brand new. A brand first. A tool that takes detangling to the next level for 3C-4C hair types. A tool that will glide through the hair with less pulling and tugging. A tool that’ll feel oh-so good in your hand. Drum roll please… It's the Wide Tooth Comb.



It's the Wide Tooth Comb. A Wide Tooth Comb is nothing new, but our innovative, dual-sided design is. The long teeth with soft, rounded tips effortlessly glide through the hair with less pulling, help speed up the detangling process and reduce breakage, while the flexible two-tiered teeth provide a deeper detangle to help remove shed hair and stubborn knots, leaving your pattern popping.



Benefits of using a Wide Tooth Comb

Now that we’re done showing off our new, unique design, let’s get into some of the benefits of using a wide tooth comb. 

● Makes detangling super easy - a normal comb has small spacing between the teeth which is the last thing you need when you’re taking on large knots or tangles. A wide tooth comb has wide-set teeth, meaning it can glide through hair effortlessly. Our teeth also have soft, rounded tips that are gentle on the hair and scalp. *Humble brag*. 

● Causes less damage to your hair - the design means less tugging, less pulling and therefore less damage to your locks. 


● Perfect for curly or thick hair - a wide tooth comb moves easily through curls without breaking, damaging or upsetting your curl pattern, while the slim, curved handle is comfortable to hold and gives you great control. And we love to be in control. 


How to use a Wide Tooth Comb

It’s the bit you’re here for - how to actually use a Wide Tooth Comb. When it comes to detangling, you can use it on wet, damp or dry hair, depending on what you prefer. Then: 

● Split your hair into sections - sections will give you the best results, meaning more effective detangling. 

● Using the long teeth, start detangling from the ends of your hair - never start from the top! 

● Gently work your way up the lengths of your hair until you can easily brush from root to ends. 

● Use the short teeth to work on stubborn knots and to get rid of any shed hairs. 

● Bonus step: Use it to draw products through the hair, such as serums, oils and conditioners. 



Wash Day Routine With The Wide Tooth Comb

Wash day has never been easier with our Wide Tooth Comb and Noelia is here to show you how it's done. Start with the Scalp Exfoliator & Massager to get rid of any dead skin cells and product build up, then go onto detangling. Conditioner is your best friend and work from the ends of your hair. Want to add volume to day one hair? Our new Pick is perfect for that. 


How To Add Moisture & Reduce Frizz For Curly Hair Types

Want to avoid frizz and speed up detangling? Our Wide Tooth Comb is the tool for you. Having a good detangle on wash day helps reduce frizz - less frizz, more definition, popping curls. 


How To Get Curl Definition With The Wide Tooth Comb

Wash day is a breeze with our Wide Tooth Comb and Kristina is here to show you how it's done. Start by detangling in the shower, conditioner in and work from the ends of your hair. Want beautiful curl definition? Use the Wide Tooth Comb when styling and watch your pattern pop. The result? Healthier-looking, softer curls that are easier to maintain. Obsessed. Are you?

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