Counterfeits/QR Codes

When purchasing a Tangle Teezer hairbrush you want to feel confident that you’re buying the genuine article. Counterfeit products can’t emulate our innovative hairbrushes, so we want to ensure that you aren’t disappointed by an imitation hairbrush masquerading as a Tangle Teezer.

We are the proud owners of 29 patents and countless trademarks across the world. Our hairbrushes are also widely protected by design registrations and we vigorously protect our rights wherever they are infringed. We are constantly monitoring known counterfeiters and have a strong team of both internal and external brand protection and legal advisors.

We are doing all that we can to cut down on the issue and have developed scanning technology which determines if your Tangle Teezer is genuine. If you have a QR code app on your phone, simply scan the QR code on the Tangle Teezer box and it will reveal if you have the genuine article.

Please also bear in mind the following when purchasing products which claim to be the real deal:

  • Tangle Teezers are manufactured in Great Britain and should never be shipped from China
  • Any item priced well below our RRP should be treated with suspicion
  • There will be no spelling mistakes or grammatical errors on our packaging
  • We discourage anyone from buying from unauthorised sellers such as auction sites and small websites