The Ultimate Line-Up

The ULtimate Line-Up

From detangling the curliest of wet hair to teasing and finishing your ultimate look, your hair will never feel or look better than being prepared and primped with our awesome hairbrush line-up.

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The Ultimate Line-Up

Go big or Go home

Big Hair.

The Ultimate Detangler has super-sized.

Created for the thickest, curliest and longest of hair, the two-tiered teeth ex over tangles for painless and easy detangling. Ideal for using on vulnerable wet hair, use in the shower to distribute conditioning treatments.

The Ultimate Detangler

Big Style.

Tease and please hair by delivering root volume with The Ultimate Teaser. The two-tiered teeth compact rather than mat the hair, so it acts gently on the hair whilst creating va-va-voom.

The Ultimate Teaser

Big Finish.

However you choose to work your style, The Ultimate Finisher will rise to the occasion. The two-tiered teeth smooth every strand of hair and the ne tips are perfect for whipping up every single hair for the ultimate updo.

The Ultimate Finisher

Big Launch.

The Ultimate Line-Up
The Ultimate Detangler The Ultimate Finisher
The Ultimate Teaser

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