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Taking in all three stages of our 3 Steps to Fabulous Hair, discover the right detangling, blow-drying and styling hairbrushes for you. From the best detangling hairbrushes to our quick and easy Blow-Styling Tools and our latest invention, The Ultimate finishing hairbrush, fabulous hair is just a brushstroke away.



    1. Smoothing Tool

      Our Blow-Styling Smoothing Tools in full and half sizes make blow-drying simple. Delivering a quick, smooth and gentle blow-dry thanks to the innovative teeth that create free flow tension with no pulling or dragging, they're fabulous at removing frizz and leave the hair with naturally smooth volume.

    2. How to Blow-Style Featuring The Smoothing Tool
    1. Round Tool

      Our Blow-Styling Round Tools in large and small sizes achieve a blow-dry full of natural bounce and volume. They deliver a quick and gentle blow-dry thanks to the innovative teeth that pick up hair at the root for great lift. There’s no need for straightening irons or tongs, our Round Tools leave the hair with natural volume, bounce, all-over smoothness and shine.

    2. Round Tool Small
    3. Round Tool Large
    4. How to Blow-Style Featuring The Round Tool


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