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Hairytales Gift Set Jackson and the Hairstalk

Book and hairbrush set

Your hair is your crown and should be celebrated.

In this limited-edition Hairytales gift set, you will get a beautiful board book of Jackson and the Hairstalk alongside our must-have hairbrush The Wet Detangler in peach blue colour.  With 325 two-tiered teeth The Wet Detangler flexes over tangles and knots. Hair is quickly and gently detangled with reduced breakage.     

In our story Jackson and the Hairstalk, Jackson sells the family cow for some tasty soup, and is very surprised by the hair-raising results! 

All profits from our #Hairytales sets will go to Pretty Brown Girl. To find out more about Hairytales click here.

£ 18.00
£ 18.00