Timeless Hair Trends Clients Love to Wear

There’s little doubt the hairdressing industry has entered a new era, but although we will be wearing PPE, it doesn’t affect our creativity and the way they we see our clients hair

With salons shut for months, that time only emphasised how much we loved doing hair and that our clients couldn’t wait to get back into their chair.

Now we are back in the game, here are some inspiration for style ideas that always look great and clients love to wear.  In some cases it’s a new twist on the old, for others it’s a classic style made a little extra. But whatever the looks, it can be interpreted to suit your client’s style.



Timeless means not affected by changes in society or fashion, but that doesn’t have to equal boring. These styles prove it. 

• Loose hair is swept up and amplified with intricate details to create textural finish

• Hair envy is created with a refreshed look on classic techniques



There’s nothing sexier than hair that swings, shines and radiates health.

• Heat damage is so last year. Today, it’s less heat and more preventative protection in the way you dry and style your hair

• Hair is given gloss with sculptured definition

• Chin grazing lengths are blow-dried smooth and texturised with flicked ends

• Over-styled, so not on-trend. Hair is worn with natural volume and movement




Next level braiding has arrived. Multi-plaits, braids and twists are all in the mix.

•Focus on twisting sections of hair to create varying textures and shapes to the hair

•Far from cutesy, looks lean towards a rebellious edge 

•Braiding techniques and styles are constantly updating – keep your eye out for ever evolving styles. 





The simple pony is simple no more. It’s a style that becomes ever more creative and on-trend

•Don’t stick to one hair band, layer up and makes use of multiple ones to tie up the hair

•Be creative by adding a pleat like shape for detail 



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