“Compact Styler is my travel friendly brush!” – Michelle Phan, YouTube 

“Having one of these (Tangle Teezer hairbrushes) in my handbag is essential.” – Zoella, YouTube  

“I really like the Tangle Teezer…” – Tanya Burr, YouTube 

“I’ve used a Tangle Teezer for ages and really like them for limiting damage to my hair when brushing.”  - Fleur de Force, YouTube

“I genuinely live and swear by my Tangle Teezer.” – Ashley James, Huffington Post UK   

“This has truly changed my hair, it’s changed my life when it comes to the way I do my hair. I have no pain, no struggle ever since I found this brush. Now my hairstylist has Tangle Teezer’s all over his salon. If you have kids, if you have tangly hair – this is the bomb! This is hairbrush!” – Jaclyn Hill, YouTube

“I use this after I’ve washed out the conditioner, I brush out my hair, that way I don’t have to brush my hair once I’m out of the shower. This is another thing that I love and I’d recommend for anyone looking for a good brush.” – Carli Bybel, YouTube

“It's my favourite brush and really has made styling hair a lot easier!” – Liam Curran, Session Stylist

“And I need to have my Tangle Teezer on hand.” – Lily James, US Weekly Online

“A Tangle Teezer is the only brush that works on my knotted hair.” – Charli XCX, Heat Magazine

“Tangle Teezer is the only thing that works for detangling my dreadlocks. It gets rid of the kinks without snagging my hair out.” – Keira Knightley, Instyle UK

 “The Tangle Teezer is one of my best friends. I love it. I actually feel bad other hairbrushes since the arrival of this little hot number in hair heaven.”- Thandie Newton

“I love this detangler. Oh my god, it’s literally so good. It doesn’t pull.” – Rita Ora

“Tangle Teezer hairbrushes have changed my life. My hair’s really knotty and every day I seem to wake up with dreadlocks. Normal hairbrushes make it go all fluffy, but my friend gave me a Tangle Teezer and now I take it everywhere with me.” – Lara Stone

“There’s a hairbrush called Tangle Teezer – I love it because I can brush my hair when it’s wet without breaking it, and it makes my blow-dry look really good.”-  Emma Watson

“Oh my god, this brush changed my life. My daughter adores it, and it even works on my curly hair. I don’t know who invented, but thank you.” – Salma Hayek

“I don’t go anywhere without my Tangle Teezer – it’s amazing.” – Cara Delevingne

“I never leave home without a Tangle Teezer hairbrush that I also use on Harper.” Victoria Beckham



“Tangle Teezer’s latest innovation banishes frizz and gives your blow-dry brilliant volume and shine.” – Rose Beer, Beauty Editor, Grazia

“Best. Brush. Ever. No snags, no pain and it feels awesome on your scalp.” – Marta Topran, Beauty Editor, Seventeen

“Thanks to Tangle Teezer, struggling to keep your curly or uncooperative strands in check is now an issue of the past.” – Kahlana Barfield Brown, Fashion and Beauty Editor at large, InStyle US

“…the only thing that will get through my hair is my Tangle Teezer.” – Maria Coole – Deputy Editor, Look Magazine

“The Original Tangle Teezer is fantastic for de-knotting” – Amy Packer, Beauty Editor, Sunday Express

“On my list of ‘products no woman should be without’ is a trusty Tangle Teezer, and one is always by my side – in my bathroom, car or travel bag.” – Bella Blissett, Beauty Columnist, You, The Mail on Sunday

“Minimal tearing. Time-efficient. Great value.” – Annable Rivkin, Beauty Columnist, ES Magazine