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Ouch! We all know how detangling hair feels if it isn’t done right. Our detangling hairbrushes confidently, but gently detangle all hair types thanks to our innovative teeth technology. It’s the very first step to healthier and fabulous looking hair. Little wonder they’re world-famous!


Innovative Teeth Technology for HEALTHY DETANGLING

Our two-tiered teeth do all the hard work, so you don’t have to. The longer teeth gently flex over tangles without any pulling or tugging, whereas the shorter teeth smooth the hair.


The Wet Detangler

Created for wet hair, use to detangle and draw conditioning treatments through. Helps prevent breakage, showering your hair with love!

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The Original

Our original detangling hairbrush and still a cult favourite. The teeth are regular flex that quickly and easily detangle.

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Compact Styler

An on-the-go detangling hairbrush. Small enough for any bag, its detachable cover protects teeth, making every stroke a clean sweep!

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Thick & Curly

For those with thick and curly hair, the long and strong firm flex teeth confidently detangle with no pulling or tugging.

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Salon Elite

Exclusive to salons, the brush is concaved in shape to mirror the head, making detangling faster from scalp to hair tips.

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Fine & Fragile

Fine & Fragile teeth are 30% SOFTER than The Original and proven to give 5 x LESS HAIR BREAKAGE! Designed for fine, fragile and damaged hair.

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Tune into some of our favourite Youtubers to watch how they detangle effortlessly and easily with Tangle Teezer!

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