Pet Grooming Basics: The Differences Between De-shedding and Detangling

If you’ve taken a look at different pet grooming products and wondered what the difference between detangling and de-shedding is, we’re here to tell you! There are so many different pet grooming tools and techniques available today and it can be confusing to know which one is right for your pet. One of the most important aspects of choosing the right grooming tool is understanding what it does.


There are many different types of brushes, combs, and sprays on the market today. They all serve a specific purpose, although they may appear similar at first glance. Some are specifically designed to remove excess hair while others tackle tangles or reduce shedding. We’ll explain the differences between deshedding and detangling tools as well as their individual benefits and uses for cats and dogs with long hair or short hair coats.



What is Detangling?

Tangles, knots, and mats oh my! For your pets who carry a bit of extra fur, detangling their matted coats is a must. If you have a more stubborn dog or cat, you’ll want to be using a brush that has soft, yet sturdy, bristles that leaves them with a shiny, new coat. Although the detangling brush can be used to untangle any type of pet hair, they are most effective on long-haired animals. Whether you have a golden retriever, cocker spaniel, or Persian cat, regular detangling sessions are necessary to keep your pet and their coat happy and healthy. We should note that, although our popular detangling tool easily removes matting or tangles in their coat, they do not remove excess hair like deshedding tools do. That’s where our Deshedding Brush comes in handy!


Detangling Tools

With so many products on the market, it can be confusing to try and find the right brush for you and your pet. If you’re deciding between a detangling brush with metal teeth versus soft two-tiered teeth technology, consider what would be more comfortable for your pet. We think grooming sessions function as a great bonding moment between you and your furry companion and you wouldn’t want harsh metal bristles to upset them or their sensitive skin. Our Pet Teezer Detangling Brush has soft, yet sturdy teeth designed to gently work through knots in your pet’s coat without causing damage to their coat. It’s also designed to easily untangle and de-mat a pet’s coat without causing you wrist strain, so your grooming sessions can be quick, easy, and pain-free! 



What is Deshedding?

Tired of your furry friends’ shedding all over your furniture? You might need to consider de-shedding or removing the excessive loose hair from a pet’s coat. This is most often accomplished with a de-shedding grooming brush or comb designed to remove dead hair from a pet’s coat. Did you know that the excess hair can be tangled and matted which will impact your pet’s overall health? That’s why de-shedding tools are specifically designed to remove this loose hair whilst also preventing damage to your pet’s skin. Some deshedding tools are made to be used on long-haired animals while others are best for short-haired breeds, so it’s worth considering which one is best for your furry friend! Although these tools are very effective at helping your pet stay clean and comfortable, they don’t reduce future shedding. (Shedding, or moulting, is a completely normal process of your pet’s body that they are unable to control!).


Deshedding Tools

As the weather warms up, it’s time for your pet to shed their thick winter coat. But fear not – it’s nothing that a deshedding brush and a few lint rollers can’t fix! De-shedding tools are designed to remove excess hair from a pet’s coat, and they are a great option for pets with long or short hair or even mixed coats. Pet Teezer’s De-shedding Brush is the perfect tool for deshedding even the thickest of coats. What’s more, its soft two-tiered teeth technology and ergonomic shape reduces the pulling and tugging on the fur, reducing the pain for your pet and your wrist!

This deshedding brush can also be used to maintain a short coat year-round if your pet is prone to thick mats in the warmer months. We should mention that, although our de-shedding tool excels at removing loose fur, it’s not designed to remove matting from a coat. If your pet’s coat has a lot of tangles in it, we’d suggest using a detangling brush before using a deshedding method.




Grooming is an important part of pet care that keeps pets clean and healthy as well as lessens the amount of loose hair shed around the home. There are many different grooming tools and techniques that can help achieve these goals. Deshedding tools are made to remove excess hair from a pet’s coat by removing loose hair whilst Detangling tools are designed to remove mats and tangles from a coat without damaging the skin. Our brushes are an excellent choice for pets with long hair but can also be used on pets with short coats, too!


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