My Ultimate

The Ultimate Questions At The Ultimate Shoot

Our fabulous new dry-styling hairbrush, The Ultimate, has arrived, and at The Ultimate photoshoot we asked the team what their ‘ultimates’ were. From their ultimate hair icons to life influences and ‘pinch yourself’ moments, this is what makes it onto their ultimate list.

Synnove Ardal - Model

My Ultimate:

Hair icon: Blake Lively

Crush: Jess Spencer

Fashion Designer: Balmain

Influence: Palo Roversi

Sandwich: Vegetable and pesto

Tipple: Red wine

Job: CEO of an international business

Pinch Yourself Moment: When I went to Australia for the first time as an exchange student

Party Trick: Making everyone happy!

Clare Frith - Stylist

My Ultimate:

Crush: Tom Hardy

Fashion Designer: Vivienne Westwood

Sandwich: Sausage sandwich

Tipple: Patron coffee tequila

Superhero: Wonder Woman

Party Trick: Downing Patron coffee tequila and playing the spoons

Pinch Yourself Moment: Doing a music video in Rio

Dream: To live on an island

Emma Barley - Model

My Ultimate:

Hair icon: Blake Lively

Crush: Harry Styles (embarrassing)

Fashion Designer: Alexander McQueen

Influence: My mum

Sandwich: Hummus and avocado

Tipple: G&T

Superhero: Spiderman

Party Trick: Solving a Rubix cube

Pinch Yourself Moment: Everything being paid for in a hotel when I had a big shoot the next day

Dream: To be happy!

Jack Eames - Photographer

My Ultimate:

Hair icon: Eugene Souleiman

Crush: Penelope Cruz

Fashion Designer: Alexander McQueen

Influence: Palo Roversi

Sandwich: Avocado, smoked salmon on sourdough, cut triangular with sea salt

Tipple: Old riccota

Superhero: The Silver Surfer (who wanted to live in peace)

Party Trick: Putting both legs behind my head

Pinch Yourself Moment: Seeing the sun set in Whitby with my girlfriend just after a run (the light was incredible)

Dream: To have a studio by the sea

Amber Martinez - Model

My Ultimate:

Hair icon: Nicole Scherzinger

Crush: My husband

Fashion Designer: Prada

Influence: Carl Hester - one of Great Britan's most succesful dressage riders

Sandwich: Cranberry, grape and Brie

Tipple: Espresso martini

Superhero: Batman

Party Trick: The limbo

Pinch Yourself Moment: Modelling for Charlotte Du Jardin - the dressage rider

Dream: Living the dream!

Kim Roy - Hair Stylist

My Ultimate:

Hair icon: Eugene Souleiman

Crush: 90s grungy Johnny Depp

Fashion Designer: Alexander McQueen

Influence: Edward Scissorhands

Sandwich: Steak

Tipple: Tequila

Superhero: Storm

Party Trick: Acro yoga doubles

Pinch Yourself Moment: Shooting in incredible places over the world

Dream: Living like a hippie on a beach

White Rabbit Studios in East London was the location for The Ultimate photoshoot, where we captured the magic of our latest hairbrush. You've met the team, now go behind-the-scenes on the day and hear from the inventor himself, Shaun P!