My hair type. My detangling hairbrush

My hair type
My detangling hairbrush

Whatever your hair texture, we now have every strand of hair covered! With the introduction of Fine & Fragile, for yes, you’ve guessed it Fine & Fragile hair, it completes our detangling story for your hair type!

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“People simply want healthy and nice-looking hair. Good hair is a sign of vitality and strength. The wrong hairbrush can increase friction by weakening and splitting the hair cuticle. Using the right hairbrush will help limit hair loss and breakage through mechanical trauma. This is caused by such aggressors as straightening irons, curling tongs, pollution and colouring”.

Iain Sallis, Clinical Trichologist & co-founder of the International Trichology Congress.


Hair cuticle

The hair receives much wanted shine from flat lying cuticle cells. Each cell of the cuticle overlaps – much like a tile on a roof. When they are roughened, light is naturally refracted instead of reflecting.

The hair shaft consists of many layers, but the cuticle is the first line of defence, acting as an armour-plated rope. These cells provide protection, giving strength to the hair and help prevent damage to the hair’s inner structure as well as helping control water content. Excessive heat chemicals and harsh brushing can all damage the hair cuticle.



Fine and fragile hair as well as hair loss are concerns for many women. When hair loss happens – usually as a side effect from another reason, whether it be nutritional or hormonal can be devastating.

Often we can be frightened to brush our hair for fear of losing more or damaging it further.

Fine & Fragile teeth are 30% SOFTER than The Original and proven to give 5 x LESS BREAKAGE!

*Research was conducted by Launchpad Research, an independent agency. After 2 weeks of brushing with the Fine and Fragile Original, severity of hair breakage experienced among women (108) was five time less; 47% before v 8% after


Influencer Nadine Baggot from our Tangle Teezer Hair Squad loves our Fine & Fragile,
'Fine & Fragile understands my hair because it's fine, fragile and coloured. It feels gentle on my hair whilst confidently detangling'

Tangle Teezer - Fine & Fragile


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Find your flex!

What's the difference between our three detangling hair brushes, you may ask? Well the answer is found in the flex.
Fine & Fragile have soft-flex teeth, The Original are regular-flex and Thick & Curly are firm-flex. Whatever your hair texture, there's a flex that's fabulous for healthier hair.

Fine & Fragile

Fine & Fragile

For those whose hair needs a little TLC. Shop here for the gentlest hair detangling experience

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The Original

The Original

Our original detangling hairbrush and still a cult favourite. The teeth are regular flex that quickly and easily detangle.

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Thick & Curly

Thick & Curly

For those with thick and curly hair, the long and strong firm flex teeth confidently detangle with no pulling or tugging.

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