Meet the Disney Princesses

Meet the Disney Princesses

Our latest collaboration with Disney is a long-awaited and very magical one. Our Compact Stylers have been covered with prints from Disney's Frozen & Star Wars TM films and The Original has been given a Disney Princess makeover - it comes with a special set of stickers so you can decorate it with your favourite princesses.

Being huge fans of Disney's many brilliant princesses ourselves, we know that each one has a very distinct character and is full of personality. It's almost impossible to pick, but do you have a favourite ? Here are a few of ours:


Determined, courageous and kind, Cinderella works hard to make all her dreams come true.

One of the true Disney originals, Cinderella was released in 1950 post-World War II and was the first full-length animated feature since Bambi in 1942 (another TT Favourite). Set in the 16th Century and inspired by a French fairy tale by Charles Perrault, Cinderalla is not a princess in the film but has all the graciousness of one.

She is gentle, thoughtful, graceful and well-mannered. She believes in her dreams and is strong, hopeful, hard-working and a great role model - her sheer determination turns her fortunes around.

Being hair fanatics, one of the things we especially love about Cinderella is her many hair styles throughout the film. Often changing with her costumes, she goes from wearing rags with her hair in a ponytail to having it tied up in a bow when the mice make a lovely dress for her and eventually pulled into a stylish updo when she attends the Royal Ball. She'd absolutely love The Ultimate Finishing Hairbrush for all those updos!


Curious about the world above the waves, Ariel risks everything with her tenacious,
adventurous spirit.

A bit of an Eighties' classic, The Little Mermaid was released in 1989. It is set in the 17th Century, is inspired by a Danish fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen and follows the adventures of Princess Ariel, the fiery, flame-haired mermaid.

We love Ariel's mass of wavy, free-flowing red hair, it's full and free-spirited, just like her, She's a talented little mermaid and it's her beautiful singing voice which eventually takes her above sea to explore.

Ariel is fun - sometimes even a little bit silly - but she's also courageous, daring and independent. It is her strong-willed nature that makes her so fab - you can't hold Ariel back!


Inquisitive, genuine and accepting, Belle braves all obstacles to help the Beast.

In 1991, Disney released Beauty and the Beast, an enchanting film set in the 17th Century and inspired by a French fairy tale. At the centre of the film is Belle, a loving, compassionate and inspirational girl.

Belle is genuine and down-to-earth, but she has dreams past the small French village she lives in. She's a smart and intelligent avid book-reader who yearns for adventure and is inspired by the ones she reads about. Her tale shows her bravery, independence and outspokenness but also shows that she is open-minded, accepting and loyal towards her family and even the Beast.

It's the combination of these qualities that makes Belle so inspirational and a true Disney Princess.


Rapunzel's creative, inquisitive, devoted and irrepressible nature lead her on an adventure of self-discovery.

As the star of Tangled, released in 2010, Rapunzel is the most modern Disney Princess. An action-packed, comical re-imagining of the classic fairy tale set in the 16th Century, it's a favourite film for us here at TT HQ because it's full of adventure, humour and hair... lots of hair.

Rapunzel has 70 feet of golden magic hair which glows when she sings and has healing powers. She uses it as a whip, a swing and a pulley and throughout the film. Sometimes it's beautifully braided and sometimes her mane is left loose and free - a girl after our own heart.

Artistic, imaginative, positive and spirited, Rapunzel is sweet but assertive. She knows when she must listen to her heart and her passionate nature takes her on great adventures.

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