Trans Day of Visibility with Marz

Taking place on the 31st of March each year, Trans Day of Visibility is a day to celebrate trans and non-binary people, as well as raising awareness of the discrimination faced by trans people worldwide. There’s a lot of pressure on trans and non-binary people to conform or prove their gender every day, but they are 100% enough, just as they are. In honour of TDoV, we spoke to friend of Tangle Teezer, the fabulous - and in her own words, flourishing - Marz about her transition journey, her relationship with her hair and her favourite TT products, of course…


Hello! Please introduce yourself. 

Hey! I’m Marz, I’m a northern lass from Leeds living in London as a Model Scout and Mother Agent. (@Marzshallah and @Scout_LDN). 

How do you identify?

My gender identity is fluid to how I’m feeling that particular day, at that moment. It’s a feeling. I do relate to being Trans Non-Binary.

Can you tell us a little bit about your transition journey?

This has been a journey of a lifetime. 32 years in and I have never felt more at peace. Gender is not something I fuelled massive amounts of energy into until 2018, which is when I started hearing about gender identities and pronouns and the importance of them. I am so grateful for my supportive group of friends that always accepted my exploration of gender through clothes and makeup. I am currently in a happy place, surrounded by love and on my way to feminine parts of me, so that is very exciting!

Can you tell us about your relationship with your hair and the importance it played in your journey?

Hair is something I’ve always had an obsession with! From receiving my first Barbie at 3 years old after kicking off to getting an Action Man at Christmas… I wanted to brush Barbie's hair, not play with Action Man's gun! I’ve always seen hair as magical, growing up with Rapunzel, mermaids like Ariel and my big sister Natasha. I come from a South Asian, Pakistani background and girls generally have long beautiful hair. My sister was no exception and had the longest curly hair so when I had the confidence to grow mine at 16, I let it grow, and it’s been long ever since.

What is your ‘I am’ affirmation?

I am flourishing.  

When do you feel most you?

Ok, so… give me a solid 2 hours to do my hair and makeup. Think summer evening. Small outfit. Designer handbag. Good music. Non-stop laughter with friends and a feeling of pure joy and being present. That’s me!

What does a night of self-care look like for you?

A night of self-care for me starts with a hot shower. In that shower I will check in with myself and think about what I’m grateful for, and what I’d like to achieve. On the outside I’ll take care of my skin and hair with masks. A video call to my mama telling her I love her, then a phone ban and a documentary or RuPauls’ Drag Race on before bed in some cute comfy PJs.

What’s your favourite Tangle Teezer product?

The Wet Detangler because it’s so versatile, she’s truly giving what I need and now I’m falling in love with the new Ultimate Styler.

What’s your #1 hair tip?

Good shampoo and not too much heat - breakage isn’t cute!

Who is hair goals?

Ok, so let’s start with my teenage obsession, Tyra Banks’ orange hair in ANTM. RuPaul's voluminous blonde wigs, model Denise Richards who’s just blessed by the hair Gods, Megan Fox’s super dark and sexy hair, 90’s Jennifer Aniston’s blow-dry, Ariana Grande’s iconic ponytail, Naomi Campbell's middle part bone straight hair and of course P!NK - Can’t Take Me Home album cover! I think I’ll be cropping mine SOON!

What’s the best way people can be a trans ally?

Educate yourself, be respectful and listen. Make sure you understand before you say you support someone. You cannot support them until you understand!

Who should we be following?

These people inspire me for different reasons and every time I see them it’s love!

Check out: 








And my best friend that has fixed my barnet too many times, superstar @issacvpoleon.

What’s the thing you’re most looking forward to this year?

FREEDOM! And the simple things in life… a cracking suntan, a heat wave would be great - I love London in the summer! Wearing boob tubes and low rise jeans, flicking my hair when passing anyone cute. 

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