Interview: LYDIA @whatlydialikes

A go-to content creator for amazing updos, braids and everything inbetween. Truly hair-spirational. What Lydia doesn’t know about hair styling isn’t worth knowing!


Best known for

Hair tutorials, inspo braiding, updos, fishtails, dutch braids and festival looks.

What’s your instant pick-me-up?

Anything with chocolate in – that can be hot chocolate, chocolate buttons or biscuits.

Your sing into the hairbrush karaoke song?

Anything from the Spice Girls – if I had to choose one it would be Wannabe. Emma is my favourite.

What would your hair be like without your favourite Tangle Teezer hairbrush?

It would be flat! I use the Back-Combing Hairbrush to create sections, pintail and pull up to create volume.

Your biggest influence?

I’m influenced by trends. I look beyond hair and take inspiration from a hat with woven detail. I’m always looking at shapes and textures.

What would your hair hashtag be?


If I wasn’t an influencer I would be...

I would definitely do something involved with hair and it would be pretty avant-garde!

How does your hair like to wake up?

It’s crazy. A big tangled mess. It’s definitely Tangle Teezer to the rescue!

Tangle Teezer - Interview: LYDIA

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