Interview: Farida @curlyproverbz

A super mum and influencer, Farida describes her textured hair as having a third child! Her bountiful mane gives us hair envy, plus she’s full of genius hacks of keeping her curls popping and her hair healthy.


Best known for?

A mum of two with big hair. My hair is like a third child – it takes a lot of hours.

What’s your instant pick-me-up?

Coffee. Strong as possible with a sugar. With two young children I live on very little sleep.

Your sing into the hairbrush karaoke song?

Anything by Khalid or Elle Mae

What would your hair be like without your favourite Tangle Teezer hairbrush?

Very tangled without Thick & Curly. Before this hairbrush was launched, I would have to take tea breaks to rest from detangling and come back to it. If you have afro hair you know my pain!

Your biggest influence in life?

My faith. It gives me direction and confidence to follow my convictions. I feel I’ve got a compass in a muddled world.

What would your hair hashtag be?


If I wasn’t an influencer I would be...

A world traveller

How does your hair like to wake up?

In the morning my hair looks like Marge Simpson. Gravity defying and wilful.

Tangle Teezer - Interview: Farida

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