10 Questions with Skinny Dip's Print Queen

Our latest collaboration is with one of London’s most-loved fashion accessories designers, Skinny Dip. Here, we asked Skinny Dip’s print queen, Charlotte Lloyd about her favourite prints, where she finds her inspiration and why one of her most-used emojis is the old lady!


1. As Skinny Dip’s bonafide ‘print queen’ do you have a favourite print?

The glitter unicorn! It’s really cute, I placed it over a glitter base and it did amazingly well for us. It’s very magical and the colours work really well, so that definitely has to be my favourite Skinny Dip print.

2. And what about colours? Do you have a bias towards certain shades?

Pink! Anything in pink. I usually prefer the lighter shades, but pretty much anything in pink will do. If I’m ever asked if there’s anything missing in the collection, I always suggest more pink!

3. What’s your favourite Tangle Teezer print?

The Lulu Guinness print – the one with the classic lips. I love that one, It’s instantly Lulu Guinness. 

4. Where do you find inspiration?

Pinterest, Instagram or even if I see someone wearing a cool shirt or t-shirt, I’ll literally take pictures of them in the street. I’ve got quite good at that now! You see lots of fun things on the high street but also people wearing vintage stuff, too. It’s great to see what our target market buys into.

5. What is it about Skinny Dip prints that are so unique and make them so popular?

We’re not afraid to push the limits. We’re fun and all the design team here are quite young, so we always ask what would we buy, or would do we think is fun. The directors are also young, so there isn’t a corporate feel here at all. We have freedom and are allowed to put a swear word on a case, suggest a flamingo float or a fish drinking from a vodka bottle - we can present these ideas and if we really think it’s going to work they’ll let us do it, as long as it sells!

6. What five essentials do you always carry in your handbag?

Carmex, my phone, a card holder – I don’t carry a purse, I have a ‘Baller’ card holder instead – earphones and a book. I’m currently reading A Thousand Splendid Suns. And of course, my Tangle Teezer! I had one of the original Tangle Teezers in pink and green - I loved that colour combination.

7. Do you have different Skinny Dip phone cases to match your look/mood?

Yes, definitely. It can depend where I’m going, too. We have one at the moment that’s filled with moving squidgy glitter. If I’m going on a train journey and I know I’ll be bored, I’ll take that phone case so I can just play around with it. One of my favourites though is my vodka fish.

8. Can you tell us three print trends we shouldn’t miss in 2017?

Palms, especially for spring/summer. We’re doing everything with palms this season; palm trees and palm leaves. Flamingos – we always update the flamingo, it does really well for us. It’s pink, girly and it ticks all the boxes. We also have this great tiger print which we think is going to be huge for summer. It’s a tiger face which says ‘I bite’ around it. It’s different and a bit playful as well.


9. How did you get into your job?

I was spotted at graduate fashion week. Skinny Dip offered me an internship and I haven’t left! I studied textiles for fashion print at university, but when I came here it was quite different as you work on different programmes etc…. I said that I knew how to use Illustrator – a programme we use all day every day – when I actually didn’t have a clue, but you learn quickly on the job. Now I do mainly print and accessories design. I’ve learnt lots about commerciality and also the manufacturing side of things since working here. We work so closely with our factories and it’s really helpful when we’re designing that we know exactly how the product is actually made.

10. What do you love most about your job?

I love the company as everyone’s really friendly and down-to-earth. As well as the office atmosphere, I love having the freedom to design what we think will work.

11. Ok, we have to ask one more question, a silly one. Lastly, and most importantly, what’s your favourite emoji? ☺

Ha ha, I go through phases but at the moment it’s the laughing face, the kissing one and the old woman! Now that I’m 25 and going to bed at 9pm, I’m like, ‘yep, I’m an old lady now’. The dollar is a popular one for me too, usually saying, ‘I just went shopping and spent all my dollar!’


Thanks Charlotte!

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