10 Questions with Markus Lupfer

We were very excited when fashion designer Markus Lupfer created an exclusive limited edition hairbrush for us. The super-festive gold glitter lip print is a Lupfer signature and it looks fab on our stylish Compact Styler. Here, Markus answers 10 questions in five minutes.


1. Why did you collaborate with Tangle Teezer?

I love the Tangle Teezer hairbrush… All my friends and the girls in my team have one and can’t praise them enough! I love all the pop colours and sleek design. I’m super excited to have our exclusive lip print on such fun and popular product.

2. As a German, what do you think of British style?

The British style is much more eclectic than the German style. People in Britain aren’t afraid of combining different looks and styles in an unexpected way. The history of sub-culture in Britain has influenced how people dress.

3. What's your favourite Markus Lupfer slogan of all time?

"Have a nice day"

4. You have revitalised knitwear like we have the hairbrush, what's the secret of being a knit wit?

I love the idea of mixing traditional techniques with modern style. I like the knitwear to be light-hearted, humorous, yet chic and effortless. There is always something to make you smile.

5. What's your favourite fairground ride?

The Swing Carousel

6. We're told you love India. What makes this country such a magnet to you?

The culture and the vibrant colours of India are very inspiring. The skills of the people I work with is incredible. India has such a special energy which is magnetic.

7. Sum up the Markus Lupfer woman in five words.

Chic, fashionable, playful, youthful, elegant.

8. Your daisy sunglasses are ultra-cool. What made you think of putting flowers on our noses?

I wanted to create eyewear which is conversational, yet sophisticated and cool. Sunglasses can be such a statement on the wearer and we always try to stand out. This particular style was linked to our print of the season, but they are still one of my favourites!

9. Cheryl Cole, Gwen Stefani and Beyonce have all worn Markus Lupfer. What celebrity wardrobe would you like to be hung in next?

So many amazing celebrities have worn Markus Lupfer which is always so exciting. I love seeing how they wear it in different ways. I was really excited to work with Maisie Williams on the dress she wore to the Emmy’s this September, too. She looked great!

10. What would you do if you lost your iPhone?

Enjoy the silence and book a holiday.


Not only did we collaborate with Markus on our Compact Styler, we also worked with him and his team on the hair for his Spring/Summer 2017 show. Watch the video to see the maestros at work, hear from Markus himself and check out next season's collection

10 Questions with Markus Lupfer







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