How to Use A Scalp Scrub

Turns out we do want scrubs. Hair scrubs. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp so it's in your (and your locks) best interest to get down with a scalp scrub. Perfect for getting rid of product build-up, dead skin cells and helping with problems like dandruff, a good scalp scrub allows your scalp to breathe and your hair to thrive. Want to know more? Keep reading…


Why does my hair need a scalp scrub?

You exfoliate your face, right? Or treat yourself to a nice body scrub if you’re feeling fancy? Well the skin on your scalp is no different. An unhappy scalp can mean dryness, dandruff, itching or new sensitivity - none of which we want. Just as exfoliating your skin gives you a glow, exfoliating your scalp can leave you with glossy, healthy hair. Scrubbing away product build-up, from things like dry shampoo, dead skin cells and any overproduction of oil, a scalp scrub will lift everything you don’t want, ready to wash it away when you shampoo. 

While scalp scrubs might not be the complete cure to any problems your scalp may be dealing with, they can definitely help with symptoms or help prevent any new issues you may face. They can also boost circulation and blood flow to the scalp, meaning healthier, stronger hair. Why wouldn’t you scrub?


The benefits of exfoliating your scalp

As we mentioned above, not regularly exfoliating your scalp creates build-up and often dandruff. No one wants a dry flakey scalp and exfoliating it actually helps your natural oils to do their thing and nourish your scalp, keeping your hair healthy. Not only that, it also clears up your hair follicles, making your hair appear shinier, as well as promoting hair growth. Let those follicles breathe! 

Even if you use a good shampoo, there’s only so much it can do. Making a scalp scrub part of your hair care routine will get any dirt that your shampoo missed, leaving you with that squeaky clean feeling. 



How to use a scalp scrub

Now you know the reasons why you should be scrubbing, but let’s talk about how you should be scrubbing. Overusing a scalp scrub can do more harm than good - everything in moderation is forever the motto - so we recommend using it once a week on a hair wash day. 

1.Get in the shower and soak your hair. 

2. Grab a palm-sized amount of your chosen scalp scrub and start to work the product into your scalp. 

3. Keep sloughing away for a few minutes, making sure you cover every inch of your scalp. 

4. Rinse thoroughly to make sure all traces of the scrub are gone. 

5. Follow with shampoo and conditioner, and complete the remaining steps of your hair care routine. 

6. Enjoy your super clean scalp! 



What other things can I do to keep my hair healthy?

While a scalp scrub keeps your hair healthy from the root, it’s important to make sure all your scrubbing doesn’t go to waste by neglecting your other healthy hair habits. 

Here are some of our top tips: 

1.Use a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type. 

2. Try to not shampoo more than twice a week. 

3. Limit your use of dry shampoo or heavy products to avoid too much product build-up. 

4. Avoid harsh chemicals and heat. 

5. Use Tangle Teezer hair brushes to make sure you’re detangling properly and gently. 

6. Keep your hair nice and moisturised. 

And there you have it! All the reasons why a scalp scrub should be a solid part of your hair care routine, and exactly how to use one. Go forth and scrub!

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