How to Blow Dry Long Hair

There’s no denying that a blow-dry can really boost your hair confidence. From adding shine to pumping up the volume, when you take the time to blow-dry your hair with care, it shows. But if you’ve got luscious long locks, blow-drying can sometimes take more time and effort than you bargained for. But if you thought long hair could only enjoy that sleek, styled finish with a visit to the salon - think again. Here’s our step by step guide to blow-drying long hair and some top tips to make sure your DIY blow-dry looks amazing - without making you late for work.


Step by Step Guide: How to blow-dry your long hair?

Follow these simple steps and your long hair will be perfectly blow-dried faster than you think! 



● Washing long hair can take a long time but trust us - being wise with your washing technique will help make your blow-dry a lot easier. 

● First lather up with the right shampoo for your hair type. Want to make sure you’re getting a really deep cleanse? Use our Scalp Exfoliator and Massager to really work your shampoo in (and have a little self-care moment in the process!) 

● Apply your conditioner or deep conditioning treatment and use this as a chance to keep knots to a minimum. Work through with our Large Ultimate Detangler (perfect for long hair!), tackling any tangles as you go. 

● When it’s time to rinse - don’t rush it! Stand under the showerhead for a few minutes and always rinse downwards, as it will keep your hair smooth and tangle-free. Using tepid water - or cold if you can handle it - will also help to smooth and close the hair cuticle, prepping your hair for serious shine!



● Of course detangling is high on our priorities - and is especially important for long, tangle-prone hair.  

● If you’ve washed and rinsed carefully, there shouldn’t be too many post-shower knots. However, you will still need to take time (and use the right tools) to make sure it’s totally tangle free before you start your blow-dry. 

● Shower wet hair is particularly vulnerable to breakage, but our Large Ultimate Detangler has soft, flexible teeth that will reduce damage - and having more teeth and a larger surface area makes it ideal for long or thick hair. 

● As always, start from the tip and work your way up to the root and never start blow-drying until you’re sure there’s no knots!


Air/Towel Dry 

● Long hair can take a lifetime to dry if you go straight in with the hairdryer when it’s soaking wet.

● Once it’s detangled, let your hair air dry by about 80%, if you have time, before getting stuck in with your hairdryer let nature do its thing whilst you plan your outfit/make a coffee/scroll through Instagram.

● By giving your hair time to air dry, it will not only speed up the process once you sit down to blow-dry, but it will also reduce the amount of heat used in the drying process - which means a lot less heat damage in the long run! 

● If you want to give nature a helping hand, you can grab a hand towel and gently start to towel dry your hair - but be careful. If you go in too roughly you’ll not only roughen up the cuticles but could also risk getting your long hair all tangled up. Simply pat gently from the root downwards, to remove excess water. 


Get your blow-dry on 

● It’s time to dry! If you have really long hair, the blow-drying process might be easier to handle if you section your hair first. 

● Simply section into pigtails and then into half again as many times as you need. Clip the sections you’re not working on out of the way, so you can focus on one section at a time. 

● Depending on what style of blow-dry you are going for - grab the brush that will deliver your desired look. For an easy, quick blow-dry our Easy Dry & Go Large is perfect for long hair, thanks to having a larger pad size and even more teeth than our Regular size! Want to add a little bounce? Try our Round Tool (go for the full size if your hair is long or thick) and if you want something a little straighter and sleeker, our Smoothing Tool is ideal. 

● Take each section and lift it with your chosen brush. Gently pull the brush through from root to tip, following the hair with your hairdryer. For long hair you may need to go over each section a couple of times - patience is the name of the game here!

● There’s no need to go too high on the heat, as the right blow-dry brush will help your hair dry quickly and effectively. Finish your blow-dry with a blast on a cooler setting - this will help to close your hair cuticle and maximise your blow-dry shine! 


Finish with finesse 

● The secret to a blow-dry that looks like you just walked out of a luxury salon is all in the finishing touches.

● A light brush through with our Ultimate Finisher can give a final flourish to your style, smooth out any flyaways and add close your hair cuticle for a shiny finish. 

● Long, thick hair can sometimes be quite heavy - which means your blow-dry could risk falling a little flat after a while. A light spritz of hair spray should help hold your style and if you want to put a little extra oomph in your look, an old fashioned hair flip can work wonders! 



Additional tips for blow-drying long hair 

Have patience

If patience is a virtue, then the reward is great hair! Even though our tips and tools can definitely help speed up the process of blow-drying your long hair, it’s always going to take longer than if you had a pixie cut! Instead of seeing your drying time as a challenge or a chore, think of it as a moment of self-care - taking time out of your day to give your hair the love it deserves! 


Ensure your blow-dryer is up to the task

If you have long hair, then the mini travel hair dryer you’ve had since 2005 probably isn’t going to be the right tool for getting the perfect blow-dry. It’s worth investing in a salon standard dryer that can get the job done and has lots of temperature  options so you can protect your hair from heat damage. 


Remove the nozzle that focuses on thin streams of hair

A good hairdryer will come with attachments that can help you achieve the best result for your hair type. However, that doesn’t mean you have to use them all and if you have long hair, you may want to remove the nozzle that focuses on small sections. Increasing the surface area the heat can hit will definitely make your blow-dry faster and easier! 


Have the right products

You want to have a dream team of hair products that will make your blow-dry look amazing - and last longer. Look for products that are created for long hair and your hair type - from mousses that will help your hair hold shape, to serums that can hydrate dry ends. It’s also always a good idea to use a heat protectant, so heat damage doesn’t ruin your style in the long term. 


Tangle Teezer’s Easy Dry and Go Large or The Smoothing Tool

And of course, make sure you choose the right hairbrush! We’ve created tools like the Easy Dry and Go Large and The Smoothing Tool to make blow-drying long hair something you look forward to rather than avoiding! With specially created teeth and a bigger surface area, your long hair will have smoothness and shine in no time.

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