Easy Christmas Party Hairstyles

The holidays can be hectic, so we know you need quick, easy holiday hairstyles that can take you from ice skating with the in-laws to your office Christmas party - and that’s exactly what we've got here! Whether you have long hair, short hair, straight hair or curly hair, this time of year brings out the urge for glitter and glamor, so whatever your hair type, you need hairstyles to match your Christmas spirit.


From Christmas market to festive feasts with friends, these holiday hair looks will have you covered, so whether you want to rock around the Christmas tree with an effortlessly elegant updo or want a simply curly style to celebrate Christingle, keep reading for our expert tips and tricks!. 


Effortless Classic Updo 


Perfect for anyone with medium-length hair who wants to elevate their look with some elegance, we love this effortless classic updo. Simple but effective it can take you from work day to holiday season glamor instantly - and you can even add in some Christmas hair accessories for some extra festive flair.   

If you’re usually intimidated by updos - this is the look for you. It can be created in minutes and has serious staying power, so will keep your hair out of your face whilst you’re dashing through the snow (or just dashing to get the last of your Christmas presents!)

How to create this look:

  • To start, use the Ultimate Styler Brush to get rid of all the knots and tangles so your hair is smooth and ready to style.
  • Then take our Back-Combing Hair Brush and use the tail of the brush to create a defined side part in the hairline and the side swept bangs. 
  • Pro tip: clip the bangs out of the way so you can focus on styling the rest of your hair (you’ll come back for them later!)
  • Take a 2-inch barrel curler and create long, bouncy curls towards the back of the head - this will give volume and shine to your updo!
  • Return to your Back-Combing Hair Brush and use it to tease the back of the hair to create even more volume
  • Then, twist the hair in an upwards motion and, using bobby pins, pin the bottom part of the updo so that the hair is held in place. 
  • Once again, grab your trusty Back-Combing Hair Brush to tease the strands on top to create a fuller look before pinning the ends on the crown of the head. 
  • Once you’re happy with the main part of the updo, come back to your bangs and use a 2-inch barrel curler to create some body and movement - but we recommend using our Ultimate Styler Brush to brush these curls out for a more natural look
  • For a final festive flourish, you can add some Christmas hair accessories to the look!

Find out how to learn this style here.



Sleek Curly Hairstyle


We love this look because it is a super simple way to bring high fashion disco energy to the holiday season - and better yet it’s guaranteed to hold all night, no matter how hard you’re partying! 

If you have stunningly naturally curly hair, Christmas is the time to show it off - and this look does just that! However, if your hair is straighter you can still achieve a similar effect by using a tight curl wand before getting started. 

How to create this look:

  • Start with fresh curls (either freshly washed natural coils or freshly styled if you’re naturally straight!) and use the tail of our Back-Combing Hairbrush to create a deep side-parting.
  • Then on side, create a section at the front of the hair from the parting to behind the ear - this will then be slicked down behind the ear
  • Use a strong hold gel to slick the hair back using the Ultimate Styler Brush, and tie it with a hairband behind the ear. 
  • Pro tip: Using a hairband is better for creating a cleaner, slicker look than bobby pins 
  • Finish this front section of hair by tidying the baby hairs and creating subtle waves around the hairline. 
  • With the main bulk of curls, use the Back-Combing Hair Brush to tease and create volume by going through each section and layer of hair.  
  • If you want to give your curls more definition, our Back-Combing Hair Brush is great for separating the curls 
  • If you want to pump up the volume, use a volumizing spray to add texture and complete the look! 

Learn this look here.



Classic 90s Messy Bun 


You might not think that a messy bun screams ‘Merry Christmas’ but the beauty of this versatile and easy look is that it can take you from off-duty to an office Christmas party in seconds with the addition of a few Christmas hair accessories. 

Ideal for anyone with long to medium hair, this holiday hairstyle is seriously simple and gives a little nostalgic nod to the 90s - which we love!

How to create this look:

  • First, use our Original Tangle Teezer Brush to make sure your hair is free from knots and ready to style. 
  • Take our Back-Combing Hair Brush and use it to section off the front ends of the hair, then clip them out of the way. 
  • Our  Ultimate Styler Brush is perfect for sweeping your hair into a high ponytail on the crown of the head, which you can then secure with a hair tie
  • Then twist the ponytail and wrap it around until it turns into a bun.
  • Secure the bun with bobby pins but leave the ends out l
  • The ends of the hair can then be twisted and wrapped over to create a fun, messy look 
  • Return to the front sections that you clipped back at the start and use a 2-inch barrel curler to give them some Christmas curs - we recommend using our Ultimate Styler Brush to brush the curls out so they frame your face naturally
  • Finally, using the Back-Combing brush, neaten up the hairline to complete the style
  • If you want to add in some festive hair clips or other Christmas hair accessories, that will finish the look off with a more glamorous edge! 

Check the look out here.


How ever you’re spending the holidays and whatever your hair type these three easy holiday hairstyles are sure to land you on the nice list! Which one are you going to try?!

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