Barbiecore Inspiration: 4 Easy Hairstyles

If Barbiecore is your thing, you’re in the right place. Get ready to unlock your imagination with the help of the Ultimate Detangler Barbie™ Brush in Totally Pink. We’ve got four easy, yet fabulous, styles that will give you that Barbie™ style. From beachy waves to a sleek ponytail and stylish headscarf looks, we've got all the hair inspo you need to slay any occasion and add a little flair.



Effortless Beachy Waves 

Beachy waves scream summer vibes and with our guide, they couldn’t be easier. We’ll walk you through the step-by-step process, including the essential products and styling techniques to create those tousled and carefree locks. 

1. Start by detangling with the Ultimate Detangler Barbie™ Brush, which effortlessly brushes through tangled hair, whether wet or dry. Its unique two-tiered teeth gently detangles your hair while minimising breakage. The long teeth tackle the tangles, while the short teeth leave your hair sleek and smooth.

2. Grab your crimper and start adding texture and dimension to your locks.

3. Using a two-inch curling iron, curl one-inch sections of hair away from your face to frame your face. 

4. To enhance the overall texture and hold of your hairstyle, spritz some texture spray onto your locks. Then, take the Ultimate Detangler Barbie™ Brush once again and gently brush through your hair. This final touch softens the curls and gives the look that effortless vibe.


The Slick Back Ponytail

For a sleek and polished Barbiecore look that's perfect for any formal occasion, the slicked back ponytail is your go-to hairstyle.

1. Begin by creating a dramatic side part, elegantly dividing your hair into sections, while leaving a front section free for later. 

2. Apply a generous amount of gel and, using the Ultimate Detangler Barbie™ Brush, slick the front section of hair towards the back, draping it over the opposite side behind the ear. If you want to add an extra bit of sparkle, secure the hair in  position with an diamanté hairclip.

3. Carefully slick the remaining hair back into flawlessly ponytail, using a hairband to secure it in place.

4. To perfect the Barbie-inspired ponytail, consider adding a touch of glamour by curling the ends into beachy waves or tighter coils, as shown below.


90s Blowout 

If you’ve got short hair, take it back to the iconic 90s with this preppy, flicky headband look. Definitely a style that exudes that Barbiecore retro charm and unapologetic femininity. 

1. For the perfect flicks, start with small Velcro curlers and curl the ends of your hair and the front  two sections of the hair. 

2. Once you’ve left the curlers in for at least 30 minutes, take them out gently using a twisting method, as seen below. If needed, use some strong-hold hairspray to keep the curls in place.

3. Comb through the hair gently to softly brush out the curls using the Ultimate Detangler Barbie™ Brush

4. You can either decide to leave your hair middle parted, or, you can choose to create a dramatic side parting and accessorise with a headband for the perfect Barbie™ hair. 


The Barbie™ Ponytail 

Add a touch of glamour to your everyday look with a Barbie™ ponytail, finished with a stylish headscarf. 

1. Begin by creating a side part, using the Fine Mist Spray Bottle to add extra moisture to your hair, which will make styling your curls a lot easier. 

2. Next, armed with the incredible The Ultimate Detangler Barbie™ Brush and a touch of gel, sweep your hair back, keeping the distinct side part visible. Secure the style using bobby pins.

3. To elevate the hairstyle, incorporate a long weave or clip in ponytail, clipping it at the back of your head and blending it into a sleek ponytail. 

4. And for the piece de resistance, style the look with a colorful or printed headscarf, nail that Barbiecore look.  


With these four iconic hair looks, you'll have no problem having your own Barbie™ moment and feel empowered to take on any occasion. Whether you're aiming for a relaxed beachy vibe, a sleek and elegant ponytail, a glamorous weave ponytail with a headscarf, or a nostalgic 90s-inspired look, these hairstyles will help you express your personal style and showcase your creativity. Embrace the versatility of your hair and let it become your ultimate accessory!

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