Choppy Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

Thick hair is a blessing. Voluminous and strong, thanks to its higher protein in the inner core, natural volume and the chance to switch up your hairstyle comes with the territory. Layers are thick hair’s best friend and that’s where choppy, short hairstyles come in. Whether you’re searching for a low-maintenance look or something more daring and edgy, check out these choppy styles. You might just find your next style…


Shaggy Haircut with Bangs 

Let’s go back to the 70s where the shag reigned supreme. A timeless and versatile look that features long layers through the sides and back, graduated in length for texture, it’s just as revered now as it was then. Not only do the shorter top layers reduce bulkiness in thick hair, they also blend in nicely with bangs. With all that natural movement and texture, courtesy of the layers, it’s a pretty easy cut to style. You can either let your natural texture do its thing, or you can use a one-inch curling iron to curl the ends under to create more of a shaggy look. Ideal for thick hair, it’ll add a bit of life to otherwise heavy and flat hair.



Swoopy Layers Haircut

After extra volume? Choppy layers are where it’s at. If you’ve got long hair and want to keep it that way or you don’t want to spend loads of time styling your hair, adding layers that swoop upwards and add movement is a good idea. Low-maintenance while adding volume, it’s the dream cut for people with longer faces as it’ll help to balance out facial proportions and will create a beautiful, soft look.



Surfer Hair

If your style is more casual and you don’t have a lot of time to spend styling your hair in the morning, a surfer haircut is ideal for you and your thick hair. Long layers that are cut at a slight degree add volume and require no special products or styling tools - the messier the better - but if you did want to give your hair some natural-looking texture, in true surfer fashion, grab the sea salt spray.



Thick Curly Mid Length Cut 

For those with 4c hair, a thick curly mid-length cut can be a game-changer. Known for its tight curls and ringlets, cutting and styling curly hair can be a challenge, but a mid-length choppy cut can help reduce shrinkage and work with your natural curl pattern. With shorter layers at the top and longer layers towards the bottom, it’s a great option for those who want to change up their look and minimise styling time.



A Classic Long Bob Hairstyle 

A long bob, AKA ‘lob’, is classic, versatile, chic and perfect for those with thick hair. Easy to style, you can either go for a blunt cut all the way round for a sleek look, or choose a more textured and choppy look that’ll add more lift and volume to the hair. A sharp choice whatever your age, it’s a timeless look whether you have straight or curly hair. 



A Wolf Haircut 

Gaining notoriety on TikTok, the wolf cut is the trending hairstyle that’s on everyone’s lips (and inspo boards). The shag’s edgier, cooler little sister, it crosses into mullet territory with its shorter, choppier layers. Usually done on medium-length to longer hair to add texture and movement, it’s ideal for lightening the load of thick hair. But don’t be fooled by TikTok and try to DIY it at home - definitely take this one to the salon.



Pixie Bob Haircut

If you like a classic bob but want to make it shorter, the pixie bob is for you. Landing somewhere between your ears and chin - depending on how extreme you want to go - with its textured layers, side-swept bangs and short graduated back, the pixie bob will give your hair a full, thick look without weighing it down.



Now you’re armed with the evidence, we’re sure you can agree that a choppy haircut is a great option for women with thick hair. Giving you all the texture and movement you desire and adding volume without weighing down your thick locks, you’ve got so many options to suit you and your style - from the sleek and polished bob to the messy and care-free surfer style.





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