8 Amazing Benefits Tangle Teezers Can Have for Curly Hair

If you’ve got curly hair, you are blessed. While curls look like a dream, we know that they can be a bit of work – but we’ve got your back. If you’re looking to tame your locks while keeping them healthy, you’re going to want to get to know our multi-award-winning Tangle Teezers brushes. With unique and innovative two-tiered teeth technology that gently tangle, no tugging in sight, you’ll never pick up another brush again.



Without pulling or breaking the strands, our Tangle Teezer brushes untangle even the mightiest knot. The key to perfectly luscious and curly hair is choosing the right Tangle Teezer brush for you, there’s so many benefits to using them and here’s 8 of them…

1. It’s Perfect for Detangling Wet Hair

The best time to detangle hair is when you’re fresh out of the shower; wet hair is much easier to work with than when it’s dry. Sometimes this can take longer than expected, and you don’t have the time to spend on this. We get it, you’re busy! No need to faff around in a rush. With our Naturally Curly brush, you can cut your detangling time by over half! It glides through your curls and coils easily.

Damage? We don’t know her. Kind to curls, our Naturally Curly brush will glide through wet, curly hair without causing any damage, loosening knots quickly and easily. Ordinarily, other brushes are made from stiff plastic, so you'll yank at the knots rather than loosen them up when using these, and all that’ll happen is a hell of a lot of damage. 

Our tip-top recommendation is to use our Tangle Teezer hairbrush in the shower alongside your conditioner to draw it through your curls effortlessly. Brushing in the conditioner will loosen shedding hairs and reduce frizz and flyaways, leaving your hair feeling as fine and fresh as you fancy.



2. It’s Brilliant when Blow-Drying Hair

If you’re quickly blow-drying your hair after a shower, but you’re concerned that it’ll mess with your curls, never fear. Partnered up with a blow dryer, our Easy Dry & Go blow dry brush can give you that sleek style you crave. If big and bouncy is more your style, buddy up to your blow dryer with our Round Tool to get that bounce and volume, just the way you like it.

These two tools have ultra-heat-resistant tips on overlapping fixed bases, which allow the heat of a blow-dryer to flow without any restrictions, meaning you'll go from damp to dry in record time.


3. It’s Phenomenal at Signature Styling

Your hair is unique; your look, your style, your way. Our Ultimate Styler dry-styler brush will keep your hair looking exactly the way you want it; a personal dressing room designer whenever you want to touch up your look or get it ready for the day.

Our new and improved design features a unique bottle-shape tooth technology and an ergonomic handle, giving you maximum control when managing every kind of style, from delicate updos, to adding volume, or blending in extensions and weaves. You name the style. We’ll make sure you can get it done.


4. It’s Ideal for Thick Curly Hair

Sometimes, the brush you have may not be up to the task. Your hair’s running free and wild - you need something with the strength to manage it! We have just the thing. Our Thick and Curly brush has two tiers of long, firm-flex teeth that makes this brush our strongest one available. 

Perfect for afros, thick hair, and tangled curly hair, using this brush will ensure that brushing hair will be more enjoyable, less painful, and quicker than anything else on the market.


5. It’s Pain-Free

Brushing hair can be a pain. Literally! Sometimes, detangling hair can be no fun at all - pulling at the roots and ripping them out is a nightmare!

Making sure that brushing hair is a painless experience, no matter how your hair behaves or sits, has been one of our top priorities since our founding. We always make sure that a Tangle Teezer brush is a pain-free brush. We guarantee this through our unique two-tiered teeth technology.

Rather than drag and tug right through knots, which can rip roots and damage hairs, the teeth of our brushes move through the hair effortlessly, helping to separate knots and tangles. Partnered up with other hair care products, like conditioner, brushing when your hair’s wet, or while blow-drying, we guarantee that you’ll be detangling your locks in no time, without feeling anything more than a light tug.

6. It’s Perfect for Your Child’s Hair

Brushing your child’s hair can sometimes be a hair-raising experience. Children feel pain differently from adults. What can seem like only a slight tug to you can be a horrible experience for your little ones. We guarantee that the flexible teeth on our hairbrushes won't pull at the roots of the hair. You can brush your child's hair without fear of tears.

We have all sorts of patterns that your kids will love. The rainbow unicorn pattern on The Original Mini is an absolute classic that they’ll love, and we have a ton of vibrant colours and patterns for them to choose from You can even personalize their Tangle Teezer brush with their favourite picture.


7. It’s Fantastic for Brushing on the Go

We know too well the pain and worry of having spent time and effort perfecting your look, only for a gust of wind or a bout of rain to turn your hair into a bird’s nest! At the same time, we know that space is at a premium on your person; there’s so much you can only carry with you before it gets too bulky to handle! Our Compact Styler is small enough to fit in your handbag or pocket and comes with a protective case. Now you can ensure your hair will be picture perfect whenever you’re out of the house, and you won’t need to break your back lugging it around.


8. We’ve Got Different Brushes for All Tasks

Tangle Teezer brushes will be your best friend for whatever hair brushing support you need. Whatever the problem or issue you’re facing is, we’ve absolutely got the right brush for the job.

As an example, here's a list of just some of the Tangle Teezer brush collections:

Wet Detangler Fine and Fragile Brush: Eradicate knots post-shower without concern of damaging colour-treated or fine hair.

Back Combing Hairbrush: Our go-to brush for adding height and volume to your look, with minimal damage to your roots.

The Original: Where it all began. Our classic option for painless and easy detangling.


A Tangle Teezer for Every Occasion

Our full range of Tangle Teezer brushes will suit all of your needs. Whether you want a detangler, a blow-dryer brush, or a smoothing tool, we have the ideal products for every one of your needs.

Regardless of your choice, you can say goodbye to pain-filled brushing experiences, and you’ll absolutely ensure your curls are at their best when you choose one of our brushes.

For more information on how to get the most out of your Tangle Teezer, check out some of our other articles. And if you would like to see our latest innovations with Tangle Teezer's new collection. Whatever your hair type, we have something that works just for you.

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