Interview: Lauren Pope @laurenpopey

Lauren is part SHE-EO (she has her own hair extension brand) and part reality star on TOWIE. We love her sass and knowing how to work wonders with a hair pieces and clip-ins.

Lauren Pope

Best known for

Hopefully someone that created their own business and someone you sometimes see on TV.

What’s your instant pick-me-up?

Almond Milk Matcha Latte – I don’t drink dairy. I have two a day and they really wake me up.

Your sing into the hairbrush karaoke song?

Baby by Justin Bieber. I know all the words and you can really style it out.

What would your hair be like without your favourite Tangle Teezer hairbrush?

I love The Ultimate Finishing Hairbrush as my extensions wouldn’t be as voluminous. It’s hard to create width without damaging the extensions. This brush gently back-combs without breaking the hair. I also like the Blow-Styling Smoothing Tool. The less time you spend with heat on extensions, the better. This brush helps speed up the drying time, keeping extensions stronger for longer.

Your biggest influence in life?

My family. My dad, two sisters and niece all work for my brand, Hair Rehab London. We’re a real team and I’m doing it for the next generation of our family. They are my go-tos and I can always rely on them to give me an honest opinion.

What would your hair hashtag be?

#LPwaves – so many people ask me how I create my waves.

If I wasn’t an influencer I would be...

What I am now – a SHE-EO. With a CEO you always think of a man, but I’m a strong believer you don’t have to be suited or booted to fully be yourself in business. It’s also a bonus to be able to create positions for my family.

How does your hair like to wake up?

I braid my hair before bed, so my extensions don’t become tangled. I brush them from root-to-tip and depending how I want to wear my hair the next morning, I have one braid for a loose wave in the morning or two braids for a beachy wave.

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