The Great British Hairbrush Gift Guide - We are family!

The Great British Hairbrush Gift Guide - We Are Family!

Eeek! It’s that time of year again where you’re wracking your brain for brilliant stocking fillers for all the family. Fear not, we’ve got it covered from your geeky brother to your retro aunt through to your creative cousin! Check out the following detangling hairbrushes, not only the fun factor but for heathy beautiful hair too!

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The Sparkly Sister

Glitter Gem Compact Styler

Perfect for the sister that loves to dress up and party. She will fall in lust with our super sparkly Compact Styler. All that glitters is definitely gold when it comes to this little gem!

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The Creative Cousin

Personalisation Compact Styler

Social media and selfie obsessed, your cousin is forever uploading on Instagram. Turn the tables, take a picture of them striking a pose and upload the shot onto a Compact Styler hairbrush on our website.

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The God Child

The Original Disney Princess

Pink is her all-time favourite colour and she lives in a wonderland of tulle and shimmer! Give her a magical present of the oh-so-pink pink glitter Disney Princess for her eternal quest for fairy-tale hair!

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The Sci-Fi Dad

Star Wars Iconic Compact Styler

Every Christmas the Star Wars box set makes an appearance and your dad starts embarrassing himself by doing his Darth Vader impression. Make his day by giving him the hair force that is our SW Iconic Compact Styler hairbrush!

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The Perfect Mum

The Ultimate Finishing Hairbrush

Mum may seem frazzled over Christmas, but you know she doesn’t want her hair looking it. Gift her the gift of beautiful hair (corny, but we couldn’t resist using this line) with a hairbrush that dry styles and whips up a do in seconds.

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The Disco Aunt

The Original Purple Glitter

Always the first on the dance floor, your aunt throws moves better than anyone you know. Purple Glitter detangling hairbrush is our retro throwback that launched 10 years ago in 2007.

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The Half Sister

Skinny Dip Flamingo Print Compact Styler

You’re like best friends, but the bonus is she’s part of your family. You share everything – except your toothbrush and hairbrush! Treat her to this year’s fashion must-have, the flamingo Compact Styler hairbrush to slip into her bag.

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The Geeky Brother

Winter Frost Compact Styler

Along with Minecraft, novelty jumpers are a life essential for your brother. Keep him happy and his hair tidy with our Compact Styler knitted sweater design hairbrush.