Curly Proverbz

The Thick & Curly Test

Renowned for her thick mane of fabulous curls, vlogger Curly Proverbz, has created this brilliant new film demonstrating the detangling process of our Thick & Curly hairbrush. Comparing the time taken and effectiveness of traditional finger detangling versus the Tangle Teezer Thick & Curly, you won’t believe the results!

curly proverbz

Your hair is totally amazing. Could you talk us through your hair care routine?

Thank you! I alternate between cleansing with a conditioner and shampoo so that my hair does not dry out. Curly and afro hair is very prone to drying out. I always use a leave-in conditioner and apply a little argan or coconut oil to the ends of my hair. The secret to my volume is an afro pick to the roots. Shhhh don't tell anyone.

What’s your favourite way to wear your hair?

My motto is the bigger the better so I usually use a diffuser then tease my roots with an afro pick and voila. Gigantic hair and defined curls.

Do you have a ‘big hair’ icon?

Errr yeah! It’s so hard to name just one… Who doesn't love what Diana Ross did for the perception of big hair? But my current big hair icon is hands down Sunitav from Instagram.


Thick and curly hair doesn’t come without its challenges. What is the most common problem you have to contend with?

Honestly its detangling and every girl with curly/afro hair would probably say the same thing. No word of a lie, the Thick & Curly detangling hairbrush has been a massive game changer. I used to take literally hours to detangle without breaking my strands but now I take about a half or a third of the time that I used to. More time for hanging out with my girls and the gym.


Are there any big no-no’s for thick and curly hair?

1. Not using some sort of a leave-in product or serum post-wash.

2. Detangling from the roots is asking for your hair to become a ball of tangled madness.

3. Brushing hair while dry… Girl, that would be CRAY CRAY!

What would be your advice to anyone struggling with their own thick & curly hair?

A deep conditioner and honey is your best friend. It brings curls back to life and gives your hair awesome definition. Find a deep conditioner that works for you and use it least weekly. Put an oil like olive oil or coconut oil on the ends of your hair before washing to prevent your hair drying out. Don't play with your curls once dry as that will get rid of your curl definition and cause tangles.

You have a great You Tube channel. What topics do you cover?

Thank you. Everything from hair care, how to grow super long hair (literally tailbone length), fashion and make up. Oh and I have a few crazy stories too... Tune in to hear them.

So, you totally have detangling down. What’s next on the horizon for Curly Proverbz to conquer?

Ohhh maybe abs or Vegan cooking please!

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