Behind-the-scenes – Meet the shoot team

This summer the Tangle Teezer team made its way to east London for a big Tangle Teezer photoshoot where each of our hairbrushes were shot in their own world. Here, we meet the shoot team members that made the magic happen!


Job: Photographer
Role on the shoot: Taking the pictures!
Favourite world: Aqua Splash because watery shots and liquids are my favourite things to shoot. I love still life with movement.


Job: Creative Director
Role on the shoot: Overseeing the visual narrative and acting as another creative brain to help the work come to life.
Favourite world: The Original, as it was the hairbrush that launched Tangle Teezer, and the creative direction of the hands holds it up as the best detangling hairbrush there is.


Job: Web Designer & Art Director
Role on the shoot: Working with Dennis to ensure that everything is in place for the shot and help review the props for each world.
Favourite world: The Blow Styling Smoothing Tool because I really like the analogy – you instantly understand the capabilities of the brush.

Harry (Dennis’s younger son)

Job: Assistant Photographer
Role on the shoot: Building sets, setting up lights, prepping props: blowing up balloons, throwing paint in the air, and a little bit of re-touching too.
Favourite world: Mix & Match because it’s the most fun! (coming soon)

George (Dennis’s eldest son)

Job: Digital Video Assistant
Role on the shoot: Logging footage and processing it. Checking the ratio and size of each shot and overseeing the filming to make sure it's consistent.
Favourite world: The Original because of the silhouette and light going across the shot - it's really nice.


Job: Retoucher
Role on the shoot: Retouching the still photographs and helping to composite the cinemagraphs.
Favourite world: Mix & Match. It’s bright, dynamic, full of colour and I really like the paint splash effect. (coming soon)


Job: Social Media Executive
Role on the shoot: Capturing behind-the-scenes footage using my cute pink polaroid camera.
Favourite world: Compact Styler. The lifestyle element is great – it’s got a cool blogger vibe about it.


Job: Content Editor
Role on the shoot: Interviewing everyone on the shoot and gathering backstage content for the Tangle Teezer website.
Favourite world: The Blow Styling Round Brush because I love the kitsch balloons. It’s a really cute shot and inspires me to get blow-styling some serious volume, flicks and kicks into my hair!


Job: Hand Model
Role on the shoot: To have perfect hands and hold up the Thick & Curly hairbrush.
Favourite world: Thick & Curly – as it’s great for afro hair, but I also love the sound of the balloons used in the Round Brush world.


Job: Hand Model
Role on the shoot: My hands have to look perfect and I need to hold The Original and Thick & Curly hairbrushes.
Favourite world: The Original. Because it’s the best!


Job: Nail Artist
Role on the shoot: I am the manicurist and have to make sure that the hand models have perfect hands and nails.
Favourite world: The Original and Thick & Curly as they’re the shoots where my work comes to life.